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About Us
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About Us

MaJic is one of a small number of development houses accredited with FileMaker Platinum Level status and was commissioned to write the systems which underpin FileMaker Inc’s own operations throughout Europe.

Whilst being based in Milton Keynes, MaJic’s clients cover the UK and Europe.

An example of the market sectors covered:

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Charities
  • Recruitement
  • Film and animation companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing & Design
  • Retail

The MaJic portfolio is extensive our developers have a good knowledge of many different market sectors.

MaJic developers have very diverse skill sets and experience.

There are many other database tools that are used and MaJic can also deliver thin client and web enabled systems.

MaJic develops and consults in a completely cross platform environment and is comfortable with both Mac OS and Windows platforms as well as having a working knowledge of Linux.

This is also backed up by the vast knowledge of networking and data communications environments which has been accrued over time.

Customer Focus

Wood & Douglas Ltd


Wood & Douglas is widely regarded as the leading independent British designer and manufacturer of quality radio products for international telemetry, data, voice and video wireless communications.

Establishing this reputation has taken time and tireless effort from a great team of people.

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