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Travel By Appointment Ltd, (TBA), is proud to have been providing travel management for 25 Years and is a leading independent business travel management specialist, managing the travel requirements for corporate and entertainment clients.

TBA was the first company in The Appointment Group to be established in 1983 by John Gianquitto and Maurice Veronique. TBA's founding principles were lead by a requirement in the market place for a quality, service-driven agency to meet the diverse travel needs of the music, media and entertainment industries. Quickly established as a leader in our niche market, our reputation grew and almost exclusively through recommendation, we enjoyed considerable expansion both within our niche business sector and into the more traditional blue chip markets.

TBA believe that cost effective solutions are possible whilst at the same time providing a very high end service, our travel solutions are unique to each client. We operate in a streamlined manner ensuring all aspects of our travel management are relevant and thus keeping the cost of our service to a minimum level. With our offices in London, New York and Los Angeles we offer global solutions.


UPDATE: Jan 2009

TBA host 3 iterations of their solution - one for each office (Lon, NYC & LA). However, certain key data needed to be shared and updated across all 3 sites (passengers, clients, addresses, contacts and suppliers). In January 2009 MaJic undertook the task of taking key tables and converting them to SQL. Now each office still has their own solution - allowing control of unique record sets whilst also retaining brand identities but key data is now dynamically managed via a SQL backend.

The solution for all 3 offices is hosted in London using 6 Citrix servers.


Modules include:

Suppliers (Airlines, Hotel, Car Hire, Ferries etc.)



Passenger Profiles


Commission Claims





Becoming and then remaining the world's greatest music touring company was never going to be easy. Our investment in MaJic over the decade probably nears £1,000,000. I can honestly say that our return on the group's investment has been unquestionably worthwhile.

John Gianquitto, Chairman. 2011